The Standards of White Glove Cleaning

The term ‘white glove cleaning’ may not be known to many people. However, it’s a term that landlords and cleaning companies are familiar with. White glove cleaning refers to a deep clean that may be required between tenants. It takes its name from the suggestion that someone could wipe every surface with a white glove without dirtying it. This standard of cleaning is essential in an office space, as a dirty office lowers both reputation and morale.

Supplies Used

The reason that cleaning professionals can clean this well has a lot to do with the tools in their arsenal, including cleaning products that have surprising multiple uses. For example, dryer sheets work well for dusting baseboards, while toothbrushes or even paintbrushes can easily get into nooks and crannies. A window cleaning solution made from vinegar and warm water can promote dust and streak-free windows, letting unfiltered sunlight into your office. It’s been proven that daylight keeps workers happier and more efficient. Even a pumice stone can remove rings around the toilet bowl! Let’s not forget the utility of a Magic Eraser! Of course, standard cleaning supplies are a must, whether they are purchased commercially or an old standby such as dish soap or rubbing alcohol.

Attention to Detail

Aside from products, attention to detail is a must for a genuinely clean office. Every crack, corner, nook, or cranny requires cleaning to pass the white glove test. An office isn’t white-glove clean unless everything that can move is moved to clean behind and beneath it. Attention must especially be paid in the bathroom, where hard water or spills can stain. The break room also collects stubborn grease and food stains. The tough stains that some might consider impossible, including set-in stains and hard water deposits, can even be removed with the right tools, however, this is where a professional service might come in handy. The floors are an aspect of your office building cleaning that shouldn’t be forgotten, as people are always tracking in dirt, mud, and germs on their shoes.

A Clean Office Is a Happy Office

No one wants to live or work in a location that’s not spectacularly clean. Hundreds of people spend a third of their time working in an office. That’s a lot of dust and dirt to combat. Plus, if a business is dirty, it can deter customers. 99% of American adults reported that they would think more negatively of a business if they noticed poor cleanliness, according to one survey. The cost of white glove cleaning is pales compared to potentially lost business.