How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Services

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According to a survey by The Harris Poll, 99% of adults agree that poor cleanliness would affect their perception of a company. Building cleaning services go beyond keeping your premises looking great for the public, though. They also help keep your employees healthy and help you manage workplace sanitization. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right cleaning company. Read on to find out five smart tips that can help you pick the right commercial cleaning contractors.

1. Services Rendered

The first step to hiring business cleaning services is to establish the services that the contractors provide. Commercial office cleaning involves a variety of services, including window cleaning, hard floor surface cleaning, dusting, janitorial services, and disinfection. White glove services are also available as an option. Check out their commercial cleaning checklist to see if it covers all your needs.

2. Specialization

Home cleaning supplies will never be effective for a commercial setting. Find a contractor that specializes in building cleaning services over one that carries out residential clean-ups. Check out the company’s website to ascertain their specialization. The commercial office cleaners should provide a suggested cleaning schedule that clearly outlines the frequency of their janitorial work.

3. Approach To Cleaning

All commercial office cleaners have unique approaches to their cleaning methods, so be sure to find out the quality and types of cleaning supplies that they use. If you are striving to achieve your green building targets, ensure that the company utilizes  products that meet environmental requirements.  Green cleaning can reduce the release of potentially harmful chemicals.

4. Communication

Work with business cleaning services with a clear leadership and management structure that provide the right communication channels. A communication breakdown may result in inconsistency in results, affecting the quality of service. Management should carry out regular inspections and maintain logs of completed work. Request to have a contact person that you can talk to during emergency cases.

5. Hiring and Training Processes

A reputable commercial office cleaner will be free to discuss their hiring and training process. Your staff needs to feel safe as they leave personal items at the office. Before deciding on building cleaning services, enquire about the hiring process and the background checks that they conduct on their cleaners. The team also needs to have training on safety and other OSHA protocols.

6. Licensing and Insurance

Verify that the company is licensed to operate in your state and that they have proper insurance coverage.   certifications to carry out the work. A valid general liability and worker’s compensation policy is a must.  Proper insurance will eliminates your liability for the actions of the cleaning companies personnel.  In addition, it frees you from from liability if any of the cleaning personnel sustain injuries while working at your office.  Workplace injuries are relatively rare in commercial cleaning.  However, it is always possible for someone to slip and fall or have some other type of unexpected accident.  

Get the Right Cleaning Services Today

Business cleaning services are vital in keeping your office space sanitized and your workers healthy. Choosing professional commercial cleaners is the best way to guarantee quality building cleaning services. If you are searching for janitorial services companies in Baltimore, feel free to contact Levdok services for a free cleaning quote.