How Does Workplace Cleanliness Improve Productivity?

The cleanliness of the workspace is one of the top determinants of employee satisfaction and workplace engagement.  A proven office cleaning service like ours, that cleans the entirety of a facility makes it that much easier to retain employees, keep them happy and ensure they are productive.  Alternatively, offices that are not cleaned by professionals or cleaned infrequently tend to be significantly less effective. 

Cleaning an office the right way at least once every week makes it clear to employees and those who visit the office that the business cares about them.  Employees reciprocate this gesture through hard work, dedication, loyalty, and an elevated retention rate in the years and decades ahead.  Here is a look at the top seven reasons why workplace cleanliness enhances employee productivity and your company’s bottom line.

1: Improves employee health and reduces calling off sick

Wouldn’t it be nice if your employees use fewer sick days or simply did not become ill at all? Though altogether preventing sickness might not be feasible, you can do your part to significantly reduce employee sickness through regular professional cleaning of your office at specific intervals.  Your newly-cleaned office will be void of allergens, viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt, germs, and other gross particles that lead to illness, allergies, and even disease.  Your healthier workforce will work that much more often, and the heightened efficiency thanks to their improved personal health.  Furthermore, reducing germs, viruses, and allergens will minimize the spread of sickness throughout your office, ultimately boosting your productivity all the more. There is the potential for a professional office cleaning performed weekly to dramatically reduce the number of total sick days taken, ultimately saving you money in terms of employee compensation as well as medical insurance rates for your workforce. There might even be a corporate wellness program benefit for the reduction in employee sickness to boot.  In other words, the little bit of money you spend for professional, comprehensive cleaning of your workspace will end up paying for itself and then some through a considerable reduction in employee sick days.

2: Clean, healthy work environments boost morale

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Take a moment to think about how your staff will respond to a recently cleaned office that is thoroughly disinfected against coronavirus and other nasty viruses.  A professional cleaning including such disinfection is essential to keeping your employees safe, healthy and productive.  So don’t assume simply spraying an antibacterial cleaning solution on the surfaces of desks, ch,airs and door handles will suffice.  Your team needs and deserves an in-depth cleaning that includes disinfec,tion so everyone on-site is completely safe and healthy throughout the entirety of the year.  After all, no one should run the risk of becoming sick just for showing up to work. If you want to learn more about office disinfection services, this article is for you.

3: Employees want to come to work when it is clean

Most employees do not want to go to work.  However, if you were to provide your hardworking employees with a perfectly clean office that does not have coronavirus, germs, allergens, dirt and disgusting grime, you would find some of your employees become enthusiastic about heading in to work and possibly even working late or putting in an extra shift or two on the weekend.  The bottom line is a thorough cleaning and disinfection enhances the look, feel and safety of workspace to the point that it changes how employees view their employer.  Opt for a professional cleaning service to enhance your workplace cleanliness. By doing so, your workplace will be much more inviting to your existing team as well as prospective new additions who come in for interviews, potential business partners, prospective investors and everyone else who steps foot on-site. Employees will be motivated to go to work as they understand the risk of contracting the virus and other germs is significantly lower.

4: Demonstrates that you care about your employees and customers

Your employees and customers might ask what steps you have taken to combat coronavirus and keep your facility clean.  If you have the answer they are looking for, you will have made headway in earning their trust. Hire a professional cleaning service to clean, disinfect and sanitize your facility and your employees and also your customers will think that much more of your business.  Employees who trust their employer are more likely to remain at their current position.  Customers who trust a business to provide a safe shopping space are inclined to return over and over again.

5: A clean and visually pleasing space is easier to work in

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If your office is a mess or is even slightly cluttered, it will make a negative impact on your employees. According to the CCOHS, improving your workplace cleanliness will also help to decrease the number of work-related injuries, reduce property damage and fire hazard. Employees need and deserve a clean and well-organized workspace.  Sadly, some employees are stuck working in a disorganized, dirty and disgusting space simply because there are no other options.  If it is difficult for employees to find things, if there is a film of dust over machines or if your team becomes frustrated when sorting through dirty or otherwise compromised parts of the office to find a file, they will hesitate to give their all at work.  Choose to have your office professionally cleaned by the proven experts and your team will spend less time sorting through all the gunk while looking for specific items.  More importantly, a freshly cleaned workspace is that much more inviting to employees, making it easier to work with the utmost efficiency. This uplifting of the spirit and attitude will rub off on fellow employees, proving contagious to the point that your team actually looks forward to going to work. 

6: Reduces distractions in the workplace

Think of all the distractions your employees have to deal with on a daily basis.  From smartphones to kids, social media, gossiping co-workers and beyond, there are all sorts of distractions that cause your team to digress from work-related duties.  Leaving the office messy creates that many more distractions.  Instead of letting clutter, piles of dust and other gunk distract your team, have the professionals address it with a comprehensive cleaning of your office.  Once all the sundries are cleaned and put away in their respective positions, your office will feel welcoming to employees and also reduce the chances of their attention shifting to non-work subjects such as the pile of dust-covered folders in the corner, the layer of grime on the copy machine in the back room, the moldy folders stacked by the basement steps, etc.

7: Increases employee creativity

No one can think straight when they are surrounded by a dirty office or other workspace.  A cluttered, messy, dirty or dusty work area will bog down the mind.  Alternatively, a freshly cleaned office that is fully sanitized, disinfected and spotless from top to bottom will provide invaluable mental clarity.  This is the perfectly clean workspace your team needs to meet their true potential, think creatively, brainstorm new solutions for your business and ultimately square their focus on work as opposed to dirt, dust, grime and clutter.

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