If COVID 19 has taught us anything, it’s how important a clean space is. Any business that wants to get back to business needs commercial office cleaners that can do a thorough job to keep employees safe.

Commercial office cleaners have taken on a whole new level of importance because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Professional commercial cleaning contractors know how to clean your spaces to protect your employees.

Commercial Cleaning Done Right

Not all cleaners are trained the same—you need commercial office cleaners who are specialists when it comes to cleaning office buildings. There are many areas in a commercial setting that must be cleaned. Experienced commercial building cleaners ensure that every area that needs to be addressed is with no exception.

There is a danger when you hire inexperienced commercial cleaning contractors. Every surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the safety of your worksite, otherwise you risk widespread illness within your company. Surfaces you wouldn’t think of like phones, desks, handrails, and others are harbingers of over 25,000 germs on each surface.

With the right team your worksite can be opened for business and you can have peace of mind knowing you are doing your part. The right team of commercial office cleaners knows how to keep COVID at bay.

CDC Recommendations

Many business owners are not aware that if a single employee tests positive for COVID they do not have to close the worksite down, but they do need to connect with commercial cleaning services to thoroughly clean the site to ensure safety for other workers.

Before anyone returns to work you want to make sure that your office space is completely cleaned and sanitized. Preventing the spread of COVID in the workplace requires social distancing, mask-wearing, frequent hand washing, and most importantly a thoroughly clean and disinfected space. The CDC recommends a hazard assessment of the workplace to identify potential areas of risk for the spread of COVID.

A little sweeping and dusting just will not do the trick during this pandemic. The COVID outbreak has taught us that clean spaces are safe spaces. Not only can you protect your employees from COVID by making sure your worksite is cleaned and disinfected regularly but you can keep the spread of other communicable diseases down as well.

The virus that causes COVID can stay on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours. Frequent cleaning by a professional office cleaning team can keep COVID away. Professional commercial building cleaning is an important part of the recipe for jump-starting life again. Do your part to keep the economy up and running and keep your employees healthy by contracting the commercial office cleaners that are highly skilled in keeping COVID 19 out of the workplace.