5 Tips to Help Keep Your Retail Space Clean in the Era of Covid-19

Today, making sure your retail space is clean and sanitized is a top priority, due to the COVID 19 pandemic. It explains why many stores are now opting to get a cleaning service contractor for the job. Remember, nowadays; customers are more cautious of the retail shops or businesses they visit hence the need for professional office cleaning.

So how can you keep your retail space clean and sanitized?

1. Constant De-cluttering

Clutter on desks and other parts of the store tend to accumulate dust and microbes. In fact, one study found that desks can be 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

With that in mind, you want to de-clutter your desk space as part of your cleaning routine. Given the ongoing pandemic, your store in general also needs cleaning every day or twice a day, depending on the service the store offers.

If you have not been de-cluttering, It is time to file away everything and throw away what is unnecessary, free up space, and have your desks deep cleaned.

2. Clean the Toilet Daily

Toilets require a cleaning service contractor who knows how to get rid of bacteria and other harmful microbes. However, even after hiring commercial cleaning services, you must do your part.

Make it a point to wipe down the seat before and after using it. Additionally, wash your hands before touching surfaces that others will grasp as well. An untidy restroom will make customers feel repulsed by your business which will affect sales.

3. Wipe Open Areas

Cabinets with products, desks, chairs, and tables gather dust quickly even after cleaning in the morning. Keep watch when this happens and wipe down these areas.

No customer wants to sit on a chair with dust or buy products caked in it. Luckily, hiring a janitorial services company can help you with this since you can always request on-demand cleaning service.

You can also opt to come up with a cleaning schedule that coincides with when certain open areas tend to get dusty.

4. Sanitizer at the Door

Today, you may have noticed that most retail spaces have a sanitizer dispenser at the door for everyone who comes in. Some have a bottle of sanitizer if the machine isn’t available.

Lead by example by sanitizing your hands often and hiring a cleaning service contractor that offers disinfection services. This will ensure that minimal to no contamination happens within your premises. Failure to do so can jeopardize your health and that of your clients.

5. Regular Deep Cleaning

In the past, most retail stores and small businesses would only undertake deep cleaning once or twice a year. However, times have changed, and now it’s crucial to engage office deep cleaning services regularly. The risk of infection due to the Coronavirus has made it clear every retail space needs a proper deep cleaning.

When you deep clean the retail space, you can venture into areas of the store that would normally not get cleaned. It includes storage areas, filing cabinets, and even high shelves. All these are potential bacteria and germ breeding grounds. If you want to learn more about how to sadely disinfect a surface, read this article from the CDC.

Hire the Right Commercial Deep Cleaning Services Today

Getting the right cleaning service contractor for your retail space is essential if you want to retain your customers. Remember, people are now more cautious and tend to stay away from dirty premises. If you are looking for janitorial, specialty, office, per-project, or even disinfection services, get in touch with Levdok Services. We offer professional cleaning services at a fair rate.