What Is a White Glove Cleaning Service?

To put it simply, white-glove cleaning services refer to in-depth janitorial services. Meaning that you will receive the highest level of cleaning at the location of your choosing.  The term “white glove cleaning” originated from butlers touching surfaces in a room with a white glove to verify that the area is clean.  In modern times, most people do not use a white glove to determine cleanliness.  However, the term “white glove cleaning” continues to apply to the highest level of cleaning.  For commercial locationswhite-glove cleaning services can will include a combination of several services. 

  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Tile and grout cleaning 
  • Sanitizing and odor remediation 
  • Move-in/Move-out cleaning services 
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning 
  • Power washing 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Post-construction cleaning 
  • Stripping, waxing, and buffing flooring
White glove cleaning services

These services have one goal in mind: Provide a pristine, clean environment within a corporate space.  

Office Cleaning 

White glove cleaning an office requires more than just mopping and sweeping a few surfaces or disinfecting the door handles. To make an office meet white glove standards, an extra level of care is required.  For example, a white cleaning service for an office may include steam cleaning the carpets, waxing the floors, sterilizing and sanitizing bathrooms, and more.  

High-quality standards are crucial when it comes to hiring a white glove commercial cleaning company. In most cases, Quality Control Specialists (QCS) enforce those standards.  The QCS will ensure that the cleaning crew does the right every time.  If any sign of dust or dirt remains, the crew must clean the surface or areas again. 

Disinfection Services

Disinfection Services

Following the CDC standards, white-glove cleaning services are comprehensive and in-depth. Therefore, the cleaning crew will also disinfecting the area. This kind of service is the best option for protecting customers and employees from harmful bacteria and viruses.  Bacteria and viruses can spread within an office resulting in health problems and lost productivity from call offs.  In some cases it can be life threatening.   

How Do Disinfection Services Work?

Disinfection services include the use of special equipment and chemicals to kill pathogens.  These chemicals are designed to quickly dissipate after use.  Fast dissipation allows for the area to be disinfected without leaving a noticeable residue when workers return to the office. 

The areas that are focused on during disinfection services include: 

  • High-traffic areas, like lobbies and elevators
  • Desks 
  • Counters 
  • Doorknobs 
  • Keypads 
  • Any area that is frequently touched

Can White Glove Cleaning Services Help Businesses Now?

Since the pandemic began in 2019, many businesses have shut their doors due to exposure and viral spread. Fortunately, white-glove cleaning services usually include advanced disinfection techniques that can help with the problem.  White gloves service is the best way to have the cleanest environment.  

White glove cleaning services can help business by: 

  • Creating a safer environment for employees and clients. 
  • Eliminate viruses and bacteria from surfaces. 
  • Prevent bacteria or viruses from returning. 
building cleaning services

Which Industries Can Benefit From Using White Glove Cleaning Services?

Every industry can benefit from using white-glove cleaning services because there is no such thing as having an environment that is too clean. However, some industries will benefit the most from hiring white-glove cleaning services. 

  • Dealerships 
  • Office buildings 
  • Retail outlets 
  • Customer-facing operations 
  • Schools 
  • Property management buildings 
  • Medical and healthcare facilities 

What Should You Look For In A White Glove Cleaning Company?

White glove cleaning service should do more than wiping counters and cleaning windows. Everything from keyboards, to windows and keypads needs to be addressed.

Any company you hire should be dedicated to its work and providing a safer, cleaner environment to its customers.  If you want to learn more about How to Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Services, click here 

What Should Businesses Expect on Their Day of Service?

On the day of the service, an expert crew will arrive with all of the cleaning supplies needed to complete the job. If asked, they should be willing to give you information about the brands and type of cleaning products that they are using.  The best commercial white-glove cleaning services use brand-name supplies and commercial cleaners, like SC Johnson.  

The cleaners will get to work right away without causing any interruptions to your workday or business operations. Once they finish, the final quality check takes place. From there, they pack up and leave, allowing you to return to a sparkling clean environment.