Our commercial building cleaning focuses on delivering high-quality business and industrial cleaning services at competitive rates. A clean business place is a surefire way to make your guests and employees more comfortable and proud of your company. Walking into a messy office can raise some concerns for different people.

A clean building will:

  • Make guests and employees more comfortable
  • Help reduce the amount of sick days taken
  • Avoid major health concerns
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Levdok is Professional

At Levdok, we clean every location to high commercial cleaning standards.  Some residential cleaning companies mistake residential cleaning standards for commercial deep cleaning services.   We are commercial cleaning specialists.  A person can accept flaws for cleaning their kitchen or bedroom.  We know that commercial businesses demand comprehensive cleaning of every area.

Our Team

We put a lot of focus on our team. We understand that a highly-trained and well-versed cleaning crew can make all the difference when it comes to the level of care offered by commercial janitorial services near you. At Levdok, we spend a lot of time training our team to prepare them for the field.

Everyone at Levdok has been personally trained by a regional or site manager from our company. Most of our employees have over 5 years of hands-on experience.

When someone new joins our crew, we put them through extensive training first. They’ll shadow senior employees and gain plenty of hands-on experience. We want you to feel comfortable with our building cleaning services, no matter who is on the crew responsible for cleaning your site.

Levdok Cleaning Crew

Our Commercial Property Cleaning Services

We understand that every business has individual needs. For that reason, we have a lot of different services that you can pick and choose from. Choose from the following services or reach out to us for individualized services that are specific to your operation.


Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services provide a clean that fits in your schedule. This service specializes in cleaning your entire building.

We’ll tackle the daily messes of your business and we’ll follow your priorities. You can rely on our crew for regularly-scheduled visits to ensure your facility looks great.

Who is it right for?

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Specialty Cleaning Services

cleaning office building elevator

Beyond our traditional janitorial service, we also provide specialty cleaning services. This could be stubborn messes, a scheduled deep clean, or any emergent spills.

A lot of our clients opt for a specialty clean at least once a month to achieve a perfect overall appearance for their offices.

Per-Project Commercial Cleaning

janitor cleaning office building

If you just need us for a one-time clean, that’s not a problem either. This gives you an opportunity to get to know our crew and see how we can fit into your regular operation.

Our per-project cleaning doesn’t have any obligations tied to it. We’re there to provide the best possible clean.

Office Cleaning Services

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Our office cleaning services are focalized around your office space. We will clean your office within a larger building.

This is our way of making sure every business’ needs are met. If you’re leasing from a larger office complex, you can still enjoy the Levdok difference.

Disinfection Services

disinfection services

Our disinfection services are aimed at keeping your staff and guests healthy. These services:

  • Kill germs on contact
  • Prevent future bacteria from growing
  • Eliminate deadly COVID-19 particles
  • Clean any and all surfaces in your facility

If you want to maximize the health of everyone in your building and create a feeling of safety, our disinfection services are perfect for you.

What to Expect with Levdok

person cleaning desk in office

Scheduling a cleaning time with us is really easy. Reach out to us at any time to learn more, let us answer your questions, and get a time on the books.

We’ll show up with all of the required cleaning equipment. We use commercial cleaning products from well-known brands like SC Johnson – so you know that they really work.

We will stay out of your way and provide an exceptional clean. We’ll come back the next time you want us. Our crew is reliable and you can count on Levdok. If you run into any issues at all, you can easily get in touch with a manager at our headquarters and we’ll clear it up for you.

Why Choose Levdok?

We put our crew and our clients at the forefront of our business. Every decision our company makes revolves around you and our workers. We want everyone to be comfortable and we want you to appreciate the service you receive from Levdok.

The best way for us to do that is to provide a superior clean at a reasonable rate. Our highly-trained team will take care of your office. We will work tirelessly to get you the results you deserve.

Other Available Cleaning Services

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